It is a condition of booking Newton House accommodation that guests and persons booking for guests accept these House Rules, Terms and Conditions upon Booking. By making a reservation a contract exists and guests/those booking for guests are taken to have accepted them. Reservations are necessarily made in advance, or on arrival, not later.


Enquiries about accommodation are best made by telephone. (E-mail enquiries are also possible but may be slower). A phone call is normally necessary to reserve accommodation, see below.



Accommodation may be reserved by telephone, or by letter. A Deposit is required to secure a reservation. The amount of the Deposit is the cost of the first night’s accommodation per room, or 30% of the whole booking (whichever is larger). Deposit payments by credit card or by cheque are acceptable, as long as the cheque is received early enough to clear before the start of the accommodation, (normally 6 working days from our receipt of the cheque).  In accordance with PCI DSS regulations of the card-issuing banks (and for the sake of security of guests’ accounts and personal information), WE DO NOT ACCEPT credit/debit card information sent via the internet, so please DO NOT send it to us by email. (Otherwise you might inadvertently suffer fraud by hacking of your mailbox account).


For reservations secured by deposit, we send a Letter of Confirmation and Receipt (by mail, e-mail, or fax, as appropriate).  Notwithstanding a Confirmation Letter, bookings are not confirmed until the Deposit has been received (cheque payments cleared). Reservations made at short notice will not be confirmed by postal mail but can be confirmed by e-mail, if we have your e-mail address and sufficient notice.


By the act of giving us your debit or credit card details you are agreeing to us charging your card for all costs (including damages if any) resulting from the reservation. Debit and Credit Cards given for the purpose of Deposit, Securing a reservation or full payment normally will be charged, unless we agree and specifically state in writing that the charge will not be made before a specific date, e.g. arrival date. Deposit payments deferred by our agreement (to allow guests to pay by cash on arrival), are due for payment at Check-in, on first on arrival and will be charged if the guest(s) do not arrive.


If it is necessary to cancel your reservation, at the earliest opportunity (well before any deadline for a full or partial refund), YOU MUST SPEAK TO US PERSONALLY, or BY TELEPHONE (not just leave an email or phone message). It is the guests’ responsibility to ensure that we can verify your identity and know your full Booking/Cancellation details. Owing to the uncertainties of postage and Internet, mailed or e-mailed cancellation alone is not sufficient. For a reservation already confirmed by a Newton House Confirmation Letter, in addition to the Cancellation Phone Call, the cancellation should also be given IN WRITING, e.g. email. See below for Late Cancellations and “No-Show”.


Cancellation Policy (Refunds)

No. of Clear Days’ Notice Given

Deduction from Deposit

Amount of Deposit Reimbursed

Additional Payment Required

At least 28

£10 Handling charge

Deposit  less  £10


7 to 27




3 to 6




Late Cancellations         1 to 2




0 clear days    or    ‘No Show’



Balance of 50% of full Booking

(In all cases, bank-processing costs for debit/credit card and cheques will be deducted.)

For Late Cancellations, The Guest or Person responsible for the reservation agrees to indemnify Newton House B&B against all Commissions and other Charges levied by EVIIVO and its merchant outlets, travel agents, etc., resulting from late cancellations. In such instances, Newton House will deduct any such charges from the supplied card, or from any deposit refund that might become due. For payments of more than one night, if Newton House is able to re-let any of the cancelled room/nights, the Guests’ payments will be refunded, by the re-booked nights (less the first night, any Commission Charges levied on us and a ₤10 Handling Charge). This can either be refunded to the Payer’s card/account, or credited (on account) to a future Newton House reservation, according to the Payers’ preference.



Newton house is designated as a SMOKE-FREE ZONE under the 2007 Smoke-free England Legislation (which came into force on 1st July 2007). It is a legal offence smoke anywhere inside the Newton House building. No-Smoking Notices are posted in every bedroom and in all public spaces. In addition, the Owners tell potential guests during booking and at Check-in, of the No Smoking House Rule. Any person defying the anti-smoking law will be charged with a legal offence and fined. In addition to the law, Newton House Owners take personal exception to anyone defying their House Rule. Therefore, in addition to a legal fine, smokers who break the rule will also be charged with the extra cost of cleaning, fumigation and lost lettings, while the room is made habitable again, and their stay in Newton House will be terminated immediately, without refund. We reserve the right to levy a Damage Deposit in certain cases, to cover this and other eventualities.



24-hour recorded CCTV Security and up-to-date Fire Safety Control systems have been installed in Newton House. Whilst the Owners look out for the safety, well-being and best interests of all registered guests, Newton House is not responsible for the safety and security of guests and their possessions. Newton House recommends guests to take out holiday/travel insurance, to cover normal eventualities e.g. enforced cancellation and loss of deposit, loss or damage to personal effects and third party damage liability (including Newton House property) and consequential loss.


Restriction on Guests’ Visitors (Security)

For security reasons, Guests are not allowed to bring visitors into Newton House unannounced. There are no food and beverage or toilet facilities for Visitors to Newton House. Only after the prior, personal agreement of the Owners may Guests’ Visitors be allowed to wait for a guest inside Newton House, for a short period. Agreed Visitors are not allowed in the Guests’ Rooms, or to remain after 10 pm. They should be accompanied in the Guest Lounge. Any visitor wishing to remain after 10pm must register as paying guest, if there is a room available. Guests bringing Visitors into Newton House are held responsible for their Visitors’ conduct and the cost of any damage/missing items they might cause, anywhere on the premises.


No Animals (pets or otherwise) can be brought into Newton House.


Responsibility for Damage/Missing Items

Newton House Guests primarily are personally responsible for any damage (whether intentional or not), including effects of smoking and any missing items, that they (or Visitors to them) might cause, anywhere on the premises. In the event of damage or loss caused by a guest who is not the party paying the accommodation bill, and where that guest defaults on the damage/loss settlement, then the company or person responsible for booking the accommodation is held responsible for any damage /loss.


The Owners have the absolute right to refuse entry to any person(s) they deem unfit, without giving reasons; and the right to put out any person(s) who behave illegally, unreasonably, or to the disquiet of other guests. Unreasonable behaviour is that which will lead to disturbance, damage, anxiety, distress or the injury of any person, including the Owners and staff. We have total discretion to decide what behaviour is unreasonable.