Newton House B&B, TORQUAY


Personal Data Privacy Policy

Newton House B&B, TORQUAY exists to provide high quality accommodation for its Guests. We have no interest in Guests’ private and personal data. We do not collect guests’ data for any purposes other than securing accommodation reservations, securing our legitimate business income and paying taxes on that income. We keep all personal data secure and for the minimum period of time necessary for the legal operation of the business. We do not collect personal data for anyone else.


·        COLLECT Guests’ (or Employees’) personal data for the government, except where it is required for tax regulation;

·         COLLECT Guests’ (or Employees’) personal data for the security services, or law-enforcement officers, unless (and only if) specifically instructed and legally obliged to do so;

·        SUPPLY guests’ personal data to any other persons or entities, for any reason;

·        SELL or give guests’ personal data to any other persons or entities.

We only hold guests’ and employees’ personal data for the minimum period necessary to complete the reservation and its associated settlement; and to satisfy HMRC’s strict requirement to keep relevant records of business activity from the six preceding tax years.

We shroff our files and records annually, to remove personal data that is more than 6 years old and other data that we no longer need.

Destruction of ALL personal data (including our own) is by cross-shredding.


What Kind Of Data/Information Do We Hold?

The Guests’ Personal Data we collect and store for reservations, includes some or all of the following information:-

1.      Lead Guest Family Name (surname) plus initials and or given names;

2.      Dates of stay, rooms occupied, payments made and methods of settlement;

3.      Family Names and given names of other guests included in the reservation;

4.      Full Home or Business Address and Postcode of the Lead Guest (or the entity requesting the reservation), only;

5.      Landline and Mobile phone numbers of the Lead Guest (and any other entity requesting the reservation), only;

6.      Email address ( and Fax number, only when needed), of the Lead Guest (and any other entity requesting the reservation), only;

7.      Registration Numbers of all vehicles used in a reservation (if parked on these premises);

8.      Details of debit or credit cards used in payment, or provided to guarantee a reservation, whether eventually paid by card or not;

9.      Signature of the Lead Guest (only) on the Guest Registration Form we use at Check-in.

10. Anticipated arrival times, if supplied to us.

11. Our own private observations and remarks about the guests, their preferences, any unusual occurrences and the progress of each stay.

We do NOT accept credit or debit card details (of any description) by email. If guests do send us any card data by email, we delete the email immediately and inform the guests to do the same, to prevent any possibility of hacking of their email account, and fraudulent use of their card.  Guests’ credit or debit card data may only be supplied to us by telephone, direct communication with John or Ani Williams, or by booking online, wherein some encrypted card data might be transferred to us entirely within he secure booking system.

Employees Personal Data held by Newton House B&B, TORQUAY is limited to that information which is essential to identify and contact them; their sex (as implied by their given name and any salutation/title) and their ages if under 21. The following items are recorded and stored:-

1.      Salutation/title, Family name (Surname) and given names;

2.      Home address and postcode, telephone number(s) email address;

3.      Date of birth if under 21 (Age); pay rates;

4.      Dates and hours of Employees’ working in Newton House B&B, TORQUAY;

5.      Employees’ Wages slips signed and receipted;

6.      Employees’ Signed forms of authority to work (Torbay Work Permits where students are under 17 years of age on first employment);

7.      Employees’ Signed Risk Assessment and Safety Training records;

8.      Employees’ Holiday Pay Records;

9.      Employees’ Disciplinary Records;

10. Employees’ Promotion Records;

11. Inland Revenue P46 Notification of New Employee Forms (where signed);

12. Any other relevant personal communications e.g. References provided to third parties (at the request of the Employee).


How Do We Store Guests’/Employees’ Personal Data?

Newton House B&B, TORQUAY is PCI DSS -accredited annually by WORLDPAY (Streamline), for secure data storage and handling. We store all Guests’ and Employees’ personal data securely in a locked filing cabinet, when it is not in active use.

All of the above Guests’ Personal Data information received by us (EXCEPT payment card data) is recorded on paper Check-in Guest Registration Forms, which we have to file and retain (from the preceding six tax years), in accordance with HMRC regulations. When not in active use, The Guest Registration Forms are stored in a locked filing cabinet, in our locked Office, which in turn is located within our locked private quarters, under our close personal 24-hour supervision. None of our staff (and no other people) have access to our Office. Older years’ Registration Forms (awaiting disposal), are boxed and stored in a remote secure location.

Selected guest data is uploaded to our online Reservations Diary, which is a secure, password-protected booking system in the Eviivo Suite. This is a secure, encrypted system, provided by our Channel Manager, EVIIVO.

We also COPY guest data provided by Eviivo (in the Eviivo Suite), for forward- and current bookings made electronically, to transfer to our paper Guest Registration Forms for Check-ins. Like the registration forms, we are required to retain the Eviivo Suite Diary intact, for records of the preceding six tax years’ business activity. At Newton House B&B, TORQUAY, the Eviivo Suite started , on 30th April 2014, so it has not been in operation for six years, by the inception date (see below) of this Personal Data Privacy Policy.

Guests’ Payment Card Details are collected by Eviivo for reservations booked online and they are stored, encrypted, in the Eviivo Suite, for guarantee and/or payments for reservations. This Data is only accessible by Eviivo and us. Specifically, only myself (Mr John Williams) and my Co-Proprietor (Mrs Nenita Williams) have access to the Eviivo Suite. Change of the Logon Password every few weeks is obligated by the system. Old passwords cannot be re-used.  We do not record new passwords anywhere.

Guests’ Payment Card data recorded by us, for (MOTO) telephone bookings taken by us, are recorded on paper until needed (minus the Security Code). They are not stored online, or in any electronic format (specifically not in a computer, or in the Eviivo Suite). Card data stored on paper is kept locked securely in a filing cabinet until the reservation is over and payment has been completed. Immediately after Checkout, Guests’ card data is removed from storage and shredded. We do not retain any card data from one stay to another. 

Guests’ Payment Card data within the Eviivo Suite is routinely locked and DISABLED by the system (after the booking is past), so it cannot be accessed by anyone.

Employees Personal Contact data is retained on paper records, in files, stored in a locked filing cabinet, in our office. Employees’ Wages data may also reside on computer removable disk drives. Which are also stored in secure filing cabinets. None of this data is available/stored online, or on a computer. These records have to be retained from the previous six tax years in case of HMRC inspection.


Who is Responsible for Data Security Management in Newton House B&B, TORQUAY?

The Data Manager is The Proprietor, Mr John Williams. He can be contacted by telephone (+44 (0)1803-297-, or by email:


May Guests and Employees Gain Access To The Data Held On Them?

Genuine Guests/Employees may ask The Data Manager what personal data of theirs is being held by Newton House B&B, TORQUAY. (Contacts by phone and email, as above).

Subject to rigorous identity checking, such information as is still being stored by Newton House B&B, TORQUAY (if any) will be disclosed to the owner of that data only (i.e. the Guest/Employee only). They may also request revision or correction of any data that is erroneous, or out-of-date, or its deletion, if it is no longer required by the B&B. As we are obligated by law to secure ALL Personal Data, ANY PERSON REQUESTING ACCESS TO THEIR OWN PERSONAL DATA SHOULD EXPECT TO BE QUESTIONED RIGOROUSLY ABOUT THEIR IDENTITY and they might need to provide personal identity proof.


Personal Data Privacy Policy Inception Date:           25th May 2018


Signed by The Data Manager:  John A. Williams

Date: 25th May 2018

(Mr John A. Williams, Co-Proprietor of Newton House B&B, TORQUAY)